Make an impact in the first 60 seconds

Opinions vary as to how much time your CV has to convince a recruiter that you're worth short-listing for an interview.  Poor presentation, inconsistent format, different font’s, inconsistent paragraph’s, too many pictures, not applicable information or obvious errors could mean that your CV does not represent who you really are and might result in you not being invited for an interview.

This is hardly surprising given that a recruiter could have up to 500 CV’s per job to review.

You have to treat your CV as if it were your own personal advertising board.  It's a schlep, but every part of the communication you have with an organisation is an opportunity for them to accept or dismiss you as a serious candidate.

To be effective, your CV must provide a concise, accurate summary of your qualifications, skills and experience. Its layout, design and the words that you choose will play key roles in getting you through to the interview process.

There are several successful formats from which to choose from.  Most people use the chronological format, and that's the one we recommend.  Recruiters are more likely to expect to see this type than any other and it's also the best format for recent graduates with limited or no work experience.